What to Teach Our Daughters – Stop the Insanity of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Statistics reported in 2016 - Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten. Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, [...]

What Is the ‘Q’ in LGBTQ? And Other Interesting Things to Know About Sex

Our global experience and understanding of sexuality – in an amazing kaleidoscope of diversity - has been transformed in the past century. What was once condemned, feared, misunderstood, hidden, or denied is now [...]

The Power of Curiosity

Several weeks ago I was interviewed by an author currently writing a book on curiosity. We had such a wonderful conversation that I wanted to share with you part of our discussion. [...]

What Should You Expect From Your Partnership?

Awhile back I  spoke at a regional Passion Parties (now Pure Romance) training meeting.  It was a training conference for women who promote in-home sex-toy parties for women. I did a presentation [...]

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Ten Attributes of Creative People – How Creative Are You?

I had a conversation with a woman yesterday.  I asked her, “What do you like to do?”  “Nothing ,” she said. Where do you go with the conversation from there? So I [...]

Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex

Gender identity, gender expression, and sex are all important elements of how we see and express ourselves as human beings. [su_button url="/contact/" background="#5286cb" size="5" center="no"]Contact Susie today for a FREE initial consultation![/su_button]

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