I co-lead a group with Karly Stein called Sexy Wonderful Women of Denver. Last night we met with our Advisory Team for a focus group to get their input on taking the group to the next level, meaning how do we reach out to more women to help them. We received excellent feedback and ideas. Out of that creative session, we developed the following:

Mission Statement – To facilitate a safe and comfortable environment for women to educate, empower, connect with, and embrace our sexuality and sensuality by providing a variety of resources including monthly speakers, support groups, workshops, and annual events.

Vision Statement – To celebrate and empower the diversity and unity of feminine sexual energy.

The women who gathered together for this focus group came from a variety of backgrounds, values, lifestyles, and sexual experiences. From that diversity and variety, we focused on our passion – wanting women in our community to have resources to heal and grow sexually.

Sigmund Freud coined the term “sexual repression”, in which he observed how sexuality had become restrained in Western culture. Economic, religious, and political factors played in to this compression of sexual energy. In the sixties, no longer satisfied to be tamed, feminism emerged – rather exploded – as a powerful force in the sexual revolution – encouraging women to push against imposed constraints and to become more responsible for our own sexual happiness.

Half a decade later, women are continuing to explore and expand their sexual awareness – learning to become more comfortable in their own bodies and in their sexual expressions.

As women, we are clear about the connection between our sexuality and creativity. We know the importance of creativity in every aspect of our lives. Creative expression is essential for our well-being. When we feel positive about our bodies, our sexuality, and our sensuality, we show up differently in the world. Our creative juices flow. We have more to give and to contribute. We’re functioning on all cylinders. Our quality of life emerges out of our strength. We are more whole, satisfied, and able to manage the responsibilities entrusted to us.