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With over 30 years experience, Susie is here to help you – as she says – “to access internal resources you never knew you had, to create what you never knew you could”. Whether it’s counseling (psychotherapy), hypnosis, sex therapy/education, business or life coaching – or some combination – Susie provides.

Susie is here to help you – as she always says – “to access internal resources you never knew you had, to create what you never knew you could”. With over 30 years experience in private practice, Susie brings a wealth of skills, experience, and insight to help you move through the challenges facing you right now.

If you really desire to live a better quality of life, please don’t put off contacting Susie. She’s here to help you through the pain and frustration, to release the blocks you’re experiencing, and to move to a place of action and success in your life.

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Holiday Resilience – How to Stay Safe, Sane, and Steady

We have never faced a more challenging holiday season.  The usual stressors of the holidays are compounded this year by the ravages of COVID-19, political dividedness, social isolation, loss of loved ones, [...]

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Freed From Stuck, Unmasking the Ego and Bridges to Your Destiny with Susie Hayes

Last week I was invited to be a guest on the EnLIGHTenUP podcast, hosted by Nicole Frolick, Lisa Watson, and Brian Koenigberg  We had a great discussion, and I want to [...]

How to Let Yourself “Off the Hook”

Let’s start at the end . . . result. What do you hope to accomplish by keeping yourself “on the hook”?  Perhaps your thought process might be – “If I keep [...]

How Do You Want to Show Up in Your Life?

“Your smile is your logo; your personality is your business card; how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Jay Danzie Whether professionally or personally, all [...]

The Joy of Shaping Your Own Life!

How do you want to shape this day? How do you want to shape this week? How do you want to shape your life? One of the most toxic and disempowering [...]

How to Deepen Your Joy and Lighten Your Sorrow!

This week a dear friend surprised me with this gift.  She said,  “I was in Catalina, I saw this, and I thought of you.”  Wow, how cool is that! “May your [...]

How to Get More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want The 4 M’s - What you focus on: Magnifies - the object of your focus grows bigger and more intense Manifests - your beliefs produce your thoughts, your thoughts impact [...]

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