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With over 30 years experience, Susie is here to help you become FREED from Stuck! Whether it’s counseling (psychotherapy), hypnosis, sex therapy/education, business or life coaching, she can help you “access internal resources you never knew you had, to create what you never knew you could”. If you really desire to live a better quality of life, contact Susie now. She’s here to help you through the pain and frustration, to release the blocks you’re experiencing, and to move to a place of action and success in your life. Contact Susie Now for Your Free Initial Consultation

Courage – Wisely Rebuilding Our Lives

We're moving through a sobering time.  A time of loss, grief, and change.  We're re-building our lives in new ways, in a world as it's never been before. We've evaluated what's important [...]

2021-03-12T14:51:18-07:00March 12th, 2021|Anxiety, Coping Skills, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions|

How to Get Out of the Stagnant Spiral of Depression and Anxiety

With the confines of the past year, we saw a significant increase in depression and anxiety.  Sustained depression and anxiety always creates stagnation.  Stagnation becomes a breeding ground for toxicity. One element [...]

2021-03-06T14:03:35-07:00March 6th, 2021|Anxiety, Change, Coping Skills, Depression|

Holiday Resilience – How to Stay Safe, Sane, and Steady

We have never faced a more challenging holiday season.  The usual stressors of the holidays are compounded this year by the ravages of COVID-19, political dividedness, social isolation, loss of loved ones, [...]

2020-12-15T13:31:59-07:00December 2nd, 2020|Coping Skills, Stress Management|

How to Cultivate One of Your Greatest Gifts

One of the greatest gifts (skills) you can cultivate is not inspiration, motivation, organization, or education.  One of the greatest gifts you can cultivate is learning how to soothe.  Yes, soothe. [...]

Freed From Stuck, Unmasking the Ego and Bridges to Your Destiny with Susie Hayes

Last week I was invited to be a guest on the EnLIGHTenUP podcast, hosted by Nicole Frolick, Lisa Watson, and Brian Koenigberg  We had a great discussion, and I want to [...]

How to Let Yourself “Off the Hook”

Let’s start at the end . . . result. What do you hope to accomplish by keeping yourself “on the hook”?  Perhaps your thought process might be – “If I keep [...]

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