It was a year ago today that my dear friend, Peg Connolly, picked me up at the hospital and brought me home.  I had been admitted four days earlier with acute bronchitis.  I’d never been so ill.  I’d never been in the hospital (except when I was six years old to have my tonsils removed).  Wayne was in South Dakota, attending his mother’s funeral.

It was a challenging time.

Today is not just another Thanksgiving for me.  It’s a day that I celebrate with much gratitude.  Gratitude for my restored health and for my abundantly rich life, with so many blessings.

My recovery time allowed me to do some serious reflection – re-prioritizing – focusing on what brings me joy and satisfaction.  Leaving behind what was no longer serving my highest and best.  It transformed my life, from the inside out.  I am so much happier now.  It feels so good.

Please pause today to appreciate for all that is good in your life right now, while continuing to look forward to the goodness of life that is continuing to flow to you.

Also, please remember that what you focus on manifests, magnifies, multiplies, and magnetizes.  Focus with gratitude.