Life Transitions

Courage – Wisely Rebuilding Our Lives

We're moving through a sobering time.  A time of loss, grief, and change.  We're re-building our lives in new ways, in a world as it's never been before. We've evaluated what's important [...]

2021-03-12T14:51:18-07:00March 12th, 2021|Anxiety, Coping Skills, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions|

What are the Benefits of Failure?

We’ve all know the pain of failure.  Me too.  Lots of times. Several days ago I was reflecting on how certain decisions took me down certain paths.  I was thinking about [...]

Seven Stages of Dementia and Seven Steps to Boost Your Brainpower

None of us are exempt from aging.  But we can be proactive in taking care of our brain's health. According to the Alzheimer's Association 2011 Facts and Figures, Alzheimer's is the sixth-leading cause of [...]

2018-08-14T15:16:34-06:00August 15th, 2018|Life Transitions, Psychology|

When Is a Ship Better Than a Raft?

In case you haven’t noticed, life can be difficult.  Perhaps your life is difficult right now. No one is exempt.  No one. There is one thing you need to know in order [...]

How the Five Most Influential People In Your Life Impact Your Aging

I've been thinking about relationships a lot this week. Last Monday the HBO documentary was released, "If You’re Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast".  It featured Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks, Kirk Douglas, Irving [...]

FREED from Stuck! Dare to Cross the Bridge Beyond Grief, Trauma, and Self-Sabotage to Discover Lasting Change Now

Have you been wondering why you keep getting passed-up for that big promotion at work? Why do you start a new diet or exercise routine only to find it ending before it [...]

What to Teach Our Daughters – Stop the Insanity of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Statistics reported in 2016 - Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten. Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, [...]

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