That’s absolutely right.  And they can often do very excellent work.

How Can That Be?

I have a friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Blade.  He is an internationally known physicist and retired university professor.   An absolutely brilliant man.  Literally a genius, off the charts.  AND he is a hypnotist.  His specialty is, by the way, medical hypnosis.  Though he believes there is “absolutely no scientific proof for past life regression”, he does it anyway – and quite effectively, I might add – for one reason only – because it works!  That’s it!  Past Life Regression works.

Here’s what we know about Past Life Regression.  The subconscious mind stores all of our memories from whatever lives we “believe” in.  And like a computer, the mind stores its information in symbols.  The subconscious mind does not judge or evaluate – it only organizes and responds to these symbols.

Carl Jung, the father of Jungian Psychology, was the first to scientifically research dreams and the meaning of symbols.  He learned that by observing and interpreting these symbols, in the story of the dream, the truth about what was going on at an unconscious level could be understand, thus leading to new awareness and resulting in change.

That’s how it works with Past Life Regression, as well.  It’s not about how interesting the story is – and believe me, the story can be pretty interesting!  It’s about the symbols and the patterns in the story.  Questions like, “What is the story teaching me about?”  “What lessons am I meant to learn?”  “What patterns are repeated?”  “What beliefs need to change?”  These are the important questions – that lead to the powerful answers – that produce the transformation.

So How Does It Work?

So here’s what we do.  We go back, as far back, to wherever we need to go – it’s a wonderful journey into your subconscious mind – back into your memories.  When we arrive at a lifetime of your choice, we watch it like a movie.  Sometimes we go into the movie.  It’s about the characters, the plot, the twist and turns, the ending.  More importantly, together we study the patterns, beliefs,  choices, and results.  Then taking these understandings, we bring this new knowledge into your present life experience, to unlock what’s been keeping you from moving forward.  By bring what was once unconscious into your present life, you’re freed up to make Conscious Choices!  You can break the old patterns.  You can now do it differently in this life.

Why Do People Do Past Life Regression?

A variety of reasons.

Some of us are just curious creatures.  We just wanna know.  Where did my journey on this planet really start?  What was it like?  Who was I then, in comparison to who I am now?  It’s about self-exploration and self awareness.

Others seek out Past Life Regression because they have had a significant event or relationship that has impacted them – even taken them unawares – and the event/relationship seems “bigger than life”.   One woman described it to me as “having been hit by a cosmic mack truck.”  Whew, okay – that’ll get your attention!  Perhaps they have had a powerful reaction that seemed out of proportion.  Or they’ve connected with someone that didn’t make sense rationally – or even wasn’t good for them.  Or they felt compelled to make decisions that took them down paths they never dreamed of.  When the past is uncovered, it then all makes sense.  The pieces fit.  Something relaxes, becomes peaceful deep inside.  The truth really does set us free.   Then the power of choice is restored.

Some identify a habit, pattern, or event that keeps repeating itself in this lifetime.   It’s usually destructive, unproductive, hurtful or frustrating.  Past Life Regression is a way of going back to the point in time when that pattern began, in order to complete or alter the pattern and the outcome in this lifetime.  This may or may not be related to what is sometimes called “karma” (cause/effect).

Significantly more and more people are coming to me, who have done extensive psychotherapeutic work, but they still don’t feel like they’ve gotten “to the bottom” of what’s going on for them.  Many have worked with highly competent clinicians, but they know there’s more going on.  When we go back to past life experiences, we discover where it started and what needs to be altered to move forward in a different way.  Working from that starting point, the issues are unlocked and resolved.  Very powerful stuff!

Whatever your reason, you’ll discover Past Life Regression to be fascinating, unexpected, and rewarding – truly a magic carpet ride through your subconscious mind – bringing you fresh awareness and insight – to live your life more fully in the present!

An additional note, Dr. Blade was recently placed in assisted living because of a dementia diagnosis.  Very sad to see such a brilliant man struggle.

If you would like more information about the insidious process of dementia that affects all of us at some level and to learn how to boost your brain power, please click below.

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