With the confines of the past year, we saw a significant increase in depression and anxiety.  Sustained depression and anxiety always creates stagnation.  Stagnation becomes a breeding ground for toxicity.

One element is essential to move out of stagnation, inflammation, and toxicity; to gain relief from depression and anxiety; to clear the stagnant waters.

That essential element is circulation.

When you feel confined physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, mentally, or financially, an environment of inflammation occurs.  You know the heat, the tenderness, the frustration.  If you don’t take action, the result can result a downward, destructive spiral; plunging you into a suffocating stagnation of inflammation and toxicity.

The longer you stay stuck in a place of confinement, depression, anxiety, inflammation, and toxicity, the more frustrated, discouraged, and disempowered you feel.  It can be a vicious trap that sucks away your life energy.

Circulation is essential because it breaks apart stagnation, dissolves inflammation, and allows us to heal and integrate.

Circulation is the movement of energy.

In order to stimulate circulation, you must

  • Stop focusing on the negative, spiral thinking
  • Take action
  • Do something (anything!) different

Making a different choice, taking a different action, choosing a different path alerts the brain that something is changing.  When the brain experiences pleasurable stimulation of something different, it lights up.  Repeating this strategy alerts your brain that change is happening, and it energizes your body.

When you think about circulation, you think about the heart.  So when you’re exploring how you might increase circulation, check in with your heart and ask yourself,

“What do I need right now?”

Here’s some simple suggestions of “instead of” – do not underestimate the shifts that can occur.

  • Instead of yoga, go for a run.
  • Instead of meditation, dance.
  • Instead of classical music, choose country.
  • Instead of going left, go right.
  • Instead of sitting, stand.
  • Instead of breathing shallow, take some deep breaths.
  • Instead of foggy lethargy, take a cold shower.
  • Instead of a shower, draw a hot bath.
  • Instead of sweet, choose spicy.
  • Instead of watching TV, read a book.
  • Instead of drinking coffee, drink tea.
  • Instead of going it alone, reach out to someone for help.

You get the idea.

Check in with your heart, pay attention to your body’s signals, doing something “instead of”, and open your mind to simple changes that shift and lift your energy.

Watch the circulation break apart the stagnation, dissolve the inflammation and toxicity, and activate the healing energy needed to be FREED from Stuck!

When you need help along the way, contact me.