While I was enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning, a beautiful monarch flew by.  I wondered, “What would it be like to see the world from this butterfly’s perspective?”  What would it be like to fly above the ground, soaring gently around trees and bushes, riding the warm breeze, seeing the world from a higher level.

I’m thinkin’, “Now that’s a mighty-fine way to live!”

Then I began to think about how the butterfly became a butterfly.

What would happen if the caterpillar “threw in the towel” . . . or refused to complete the process . . .or became impatient. . . or tried to take a short cut . . . or didn’t follow the natural transformation process?

All of the necessary changes needed to metamorphosize into this lovely creature was an amazing journey.

So where are you on your amazing journey?  Where are you in your metamorphosis?

When you are impatient, resistant, or discouraged . . .

. . . take heart.  You’re simply learning how to flow with the natural transformation process.

With perfect time, your destination is to emerge as the exquisite “Danaus plexippus”.  Your inner butterfly is patiently waiting to fly.

Here’s how it happens for the butterly.

Egg.  Born to life, the caterpillar emerges a translucent pale green.  As it molts (shedding what it no longer needs), it develops tentacles.  Legs then appear.  It’s body grows and changes to complex bands of patterns and white dots.

Pupa.  Now it spins its cocoon, as it hangs upside down.  From this stage, the adult butterfly forms inside.

Adult.  After about two weeks, the butterfly emerges, still hanging upside down, while the wings dry.  When the wings are dry, fluids are pumped into the wings, as they expand and become strong.  When this has all happened with exquisite timing, the butterfly moves to an upright position and is poised to fly.

How to move through impatience, resistance, and discouragement.

Trust your timing.  Return to following your inner guidance.  Trust the transformative growth process of your life.  While letting go of fearful resistance and impatience, settle into the journey of metamorphosis.

Sooth yourself in times of waiting.  Speak to yourself gently.  Here’s some messages that are essential while you’re hanging upside down.

  •   I’m doing the best I can.
  •   I trust the natural transformation process.
  •   I allow myself to flow with this natural process.
  •   I deserve to fly.
  •   I know that I am truly a butterfly, even though I am in this transitional state.

Stay focused on the end result.  Your destination is to fully mature into an exquisitely beautiful butterfly.