“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been.  But she had wings…”

Can we un-change what we’ve changed?  Oh yeah – just asked any yo-yo dieter (present company included).

What we cannot change, however, is . . .

. . .  the awareness of “the right thing to do”.  Once we know what is “right” for us – a relationship, a career, a choice, a behavior, an action, a habit, or a thought – when we do that which is contrary, we experience dissonance and discomfort.  Though uncomfortable, that’s our soul’s way of helping us navigate and maintain the highest quality of life.

We cannot become unconscious of something conscious.  We can deny, hide, resist,  sedate, or medicate.  But we can never become unconscious of that which has been revealed to our conscious mind – no matter the discomfort.   Once we’ve brought it into the light, we can’t hide it in the darkness.  We may not like it; we may wish for it to be other than it is.  But conscious IS conscious.

That is the beauty of the change process.  That is the freedom of truth.  The truth sets you free when you align with the truth – whatever that may be for you on your soul’s journey.  (And for the record, your truth ISN’T necessarily someone else’s truth, so don’t try to pin your wings on someone else.)

Once you’ve discovered the journey of transforming into a butterfly, it is impossible to return to being like a caterpillar.  Those darn wings prevent you from crawling on your belly.

So celebrate all of the conscious truth that you have discovered – even the truths that have been painful – for your freedom and your happiness is in the power of your wings.