Several weeks ago I was interviewed by an author currently writing a book on curiosity. We had such a wonderful conversation that I wanted to share with you part of our discussion.

When asked about why I see curiosity as essential to our well –being, I shared that curiosity is absolutely necessary for our . . .

. . . self preservation. Curiosity is essentially the innate, instinctive skill of observation for the purpose of understanding.  We must be curious to survive.  We must be curious to thrive.

Curiosity is essential for well-being. Having permission and being encouraged to ask questions allows our mind to stay healthy; to continue to expand. Quality questions move us from our present state.  They give us freedom and flexibility to stretch and grow.  (Poor questions keep us chasing our tails.)

Expansion, resolution, awareness, and cultivation of our internal resources (talents, skills, creativity, wisdom, and insight) can only occur when we are curious.

Curiosity is the fuel of artists and scientists.

Curiosity is essential for vital health, sustained well-being, spiritual growth, satisfying relationships, healthy sex, financial growth, and business success.

Curiosity cultivates maturity and disrupts aging.

The opposite of curiosity is fear, escape, avoidance, denial, retreat, and decompression. The absence of curiosity brings depression, apathy, and addiction.  When we stop asking questions, no longer seek solutions, or refuse to move beyond our present understanding, we stifle our life energy.  We cut ourselves off from our natural, instinctive, creative flow of life.

Please do not allow discouragement, frustration, failure, or loss stifle your curiosity. Trust in your innate, instinctive capacity – your ability to be curious, to understand, and to grow.

I close with the lyrics from my favorite Dan Fogelberg song “The Higher You Climb”.

The higher you climb, The more that you see.

The more that you see, The less that you know.

The less that you know, The more that you yearn.

The more that you yearn, The higher you climb.

The farther you reach, The more that you touch.

The more that you touch, The fuller you feel.

The fuller you feel, The less that you need.

The less that you need, The farther you reach.