Awhile back I  spoke at a regional Passion Parties (now Pure Romance) training meeting.  It was a training conference for women who promote in-home sex-toy parties for women.

I did a presentation on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  You can imagine we talked about a variety of issues.  We talked about sex.  We talked about partnership.  We talked about love.

Mostly we talked about what we as women expect in partnership.  So I want to share one juicy tidbit with you about our expectations as women . . .

. . . If you are expecting more from your partner than you are giving to yourself, then you are asking too much.

You might want to read that again carefully.

If you’re expecting your partner to tell you how attractive and sexy you are, while you’re complaining about how fat your thighs are, then you’re asking too much.

If you’re expecting your partner to respect you by keeping his/her word, yet you do not respect yourself and follow through with your own promises to yourself, then you’re asking too much.

If you are expecting your partner to shore up your confidence, while you tell yourself you have nothing to offer in the marketplace, then you’re asking too much.

You get the drift.

No partner or partnership will thrive when you are attempting to compensate for each other’s sense of inferiority.  To the degree you love yourself is to the degree you will choose a partner well and allow a partner to love you.

What’s love got to do with it?  Everything.  Absolutely everything.  Loving YOURSELF is paramount and essential.

So here’s what you should expect from your partner:

Expect From Yourself