Grief and Loss

The #1 Cause of Loss of Joy, Serenity, Hope, and Trust

What causes joy, serenity, hope, and trust to die in us? The number one cause is . . . . . . Trauma. And none of us are exempt. This week I [...]

The One Element That Most Often Defeats Change

“Be gentle with yourself for you are living through a major expansion of your faith and how you use it in the world. You are rewiring decades of old beliefs and shifting [...]

When Chasing Your Tail is Beneficial

Sent to me by Fran Kenny, one of my Facebook friends, I share this piece of wisdom today.  I have a slightly different take on some of these (imagine that!), and  I also [...]

Using Disappointment to Leverage Success

We are instinctively created, as part of our basic survival, to avoid pain. We will do everything we can to push it away – blame, project, shame, deny, minimize, berate, distract, and [...]

Keep Your Eye on the Rainbow Post-a-Note

Do you remember as a child how you anticipated your next birthday?  “I’m 7 ½.” you’d proudly say, eager for the next six months to roll by so that you could declare, [...]

The Message On The Back Window That I Will Never Forget

I like bumper stickers and vanity plates. They make stopping at red lights more interesting. Last week I saw a sedan with two bumper stickers, side by side. One said, “I’m Proud [...]

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How to Turn Regret Into Celebration

It is important as we reflect on the choices that we make to do so for only two purposes (1) to celebrate and reinforce the choices that have improved our quality of [...]

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