“Carpe, Carpe Diem.   Seize the day, boys.  Make your life extraordinary.”  Robin Williams – Dead Poet Society

This week I attended a funeral.   I was profoundly disappointed that I had driven many miles, across two states, to attend a service where the priest talked more about God, sin, and death than about the beautiful woman we were there to honor.  She had succumbed to cancer at the age of 50.  It wasn’t what she wanted.  Tragic.

It is not her death, however, that I will remember about her.

Rather, I will remember . . .

. . . what I wrote on her Facebook page –

“As so many of us know, you were an amazing woman, with a heart of gold. With a delightful sense of humor and such a free spirit, you would always turn heads and light up the room. Having come through many incredible life challenges, and always open to the next adventure, you lived your life on your terms, always looking for the next opportunity to be mischievous.

You were a radiant light, even in the darkest times.  That will never change.  Tender and courageous – truly a beautiful soul!  You graced my life with love and a playful spirit.  You transitioned peacefully, surrounded by love and prayers, as it was meant to be.  You’re now dancing and singing with the angels!”

This week Robin Williams chose to leave the planet.  Tragic.

It is not his death, however, that I will remember about him.

Sometimes we choose how we die.  Sometimes we don’t.   We do choose, however, how we live.

So what would both of these beloved and gifted souls say to us today, having now crossed over?

I’ve a hunch they’d make it simple. They’d encourage us to make our choices based on love, not fear.  They’d encourage us to laugh more and be fear-less.