Every now and then, we get a yearning for something different, something more, something better. It’s a restlessness; a dissatisfaction.

Life might be going quite well, humming along, routines in place, responsibilities met, and some enjoyment along the way. But this craving, this restlessness is deeper, like a desire being whispered by your soul.

You know deep inside you want more. So how do you get there?  How do you avoid getting distracted or derailed?  How do you know the “right” way to go?  How do you decide the best change(s) to make?

Follow the bread crumbs. Yes, that’s right.  Follow the bread crumbs.  Like Hansel and Gretel.

Life is constantly offering you clues, signals, insights, and tugs on your heart – bread crumbs – like Hansel and Gretel – to find your way home.

  1. Trust that the guidance and insight you need is available. If you doubt you deserve your needs to be met, they will go unmet. If you know you are deserving of all that is good, then you will be receiving of your needs met.
  2. Be curious. Start searching, asking questions, and studying. Don’t be bashful to ask for what you want.
  3. Observe what warms your heart and lights up your brain. Biochemically, our bodies are designed to register what is best for us. Our heart warms and opens, and our brain lights up when we’re on track. We feel energized.  Follow that energy.
  4. When you discover a bread crumb, follow the trail. Don’t be so concerned about where it leads. Just trust the guidance, be curious, and do more of what makes your heart glow.