Last weekend I attended “Believe – the Ultimate Business Conference for Women” in Kansas City, MO. With over 1,000 women (and a handful of wise men) and 18 energetic, wildly successful, authentic, open-hearted presenters coming together, the Convention Center rocked with enthusiastic women eager to inspire each other and to learn how to build and expand their businesses throughout the world.  The collective message was expansive, even as they promoted Women United For Change (empowering women around the world, through entrepreneurship), partnering with “Project Concern International”.

Though the training was focused on professionals in network marketing and direct sales, the principles and strategies presented apply across the board to all women in business (and life).

One of the most crucial, consistent, and repeated themes for success was the necessity for personal growth and self-care. Smart, sustainable business growth is directly proportionate to personal growth, especially for women.

One of my favorite quotes was “Self care is the new health care.”

Exploration of the following was presented as what “ignites results”.

Self Belief – what you believe (consciously and subconsciously) about yourself, others, and the world around you directly impacts your business. Though you know that pain is a more powerful motivator than pleasure, you also know that fear is toxic, and love is empowering.  If you allow love to move you out of pain, you have the most powerful framework from which to move your life and your business forward.  Do not confuse pain with fear.

Confidence – Knowing that what you have to offer in the marketplace is important, useful, and even life-changing; knowing the value you personally and professionally bring; knowing the purposeful intention you hold; and knowing that the outcome(s) on which you are focused are meaning-full (and joy-full) fuels your moving forward. Confidence is stabilizing, energizing, and magnetic.

Responsibility – Taking full responsibility for your own choices and actions requires maturity and trust in YOUrself.  It requires patience and kindness toward YOUrself. It is about being open to learning and growing.  It requires humor.

This is not about succumbing to that critical voice in your head. (That is another important discussion.)  It is not about being shamed or guilted by yourself or others.  It is about trusting that you have the capacity to continue to grow, learn, and expand.  Navigation is never a straight line; it is an on-going process of adjustment and re-calculation, while remaining focused on the end results.

Remember, what you focus on magnifies and manifests.  Yes, yes, I say it often.

One additional thought.    Allow yourself to receive support from others, even as you take full responsibility for yourself.  You are not Wonder Woman.

Courage – Ah, inspired by Dorothy’s courage,  the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz” realized the source of courage is in the heart.

Trust – Trust banishes fear, pushes through pain, and gives us buoyancy in the turbulence of uncertainty. If you have experienced betrayal or abuse, especially in the earlier years of your life, this may be more challenging.  Do the inner work you need to do to heal.

Lasting success requires trust.  Intimacy requires trust.  Happiness requires trust.   Sustained health requires trust.  Finding what is trustworthy in your life is essential to stepping out into the world, taking risks, and expanding your business, your life, your purpose, and your happiness..