Despite the complex challenges we face in our nation and in our world today, as Americans, we pause to celebrate The Fourth of July – our Independence Day.

With gratitude, we reflect on . . . what it means to live in freedom.

“The Free Dictionary” identifies eleven definitions of freedom.

  1. Personal liberty (as from slavery, bondage, serfdom, etc.)
  2. Liberation or deliverance, as from confinement or bondage
  3. Quality or state of being free (to enjoy political and civil liberties)
  4. State of being without something unpleasant or bad; exemption or immunity
  5. The right or privilege of unrestricted use or access
  6. Autonomy, self-government, or independence
  7. The power or liberty to order one’s own actions
  8. The quality of the will of the individual, of not being totally constrained; able to choose between alternative actions in identical circumstances
  9. Ease or frankness of manner; candor
  10. Excessive familiarity of manner, boldness
  11. Ease and grace, as of movement, lack of effort

Please consider today how these freedoms are experienced in your life externally and internally.

Though we might sometimes be constricted from creating change externally, we do have the power to claim our rightful internal freedom.

What if you consider allowing yourself to truly live in freedom? It might look something like –

“To live at peace inside yourself, comfortable and safe in your own skin; with liberty and autonomy; unrestricted in the use of your internal resources (talents, skills, creativity, insight, wisdom, etc.); no longer held back by fear; ordering your own actions; speaking boldly, with ease and grace.”