You know that I believe it’s important to step up, take responsibility, contribute, participate, and carry our load.  This brings meaning to our lives.  It allows us to stand tall, with dignity during the day, and to sleep well, with a clear conscience, at night.

But sometimes life is very difficult.  Sometimes we’re dropped to our knees with the heaviness of the load.  Sometimes we need to rest.  Sometimes we need to cry.  Sometimes we need help.

Sometimes, in our depletion, we take on the unnecessary load of self-criticism.  We say to ourselves, “I just need to try harder.  I know the right thing to do, but I’m just being stubborn or stupid or . . .”

But perhaps we’ve gotten it wrong.  Perhaps it’s not about self-discipline.   Perhaps we’ve forgotten that true self-discipline really is . . .

. . . about self-love.  It’s about self-care.  Loving self-care is about on-going restoration.

And when we are truly caring for ourselves, self-discipline is the natural and inevitable outcome.

We do not harm, neglect, or abuse what we love.  Harm, neglect, and abuse are results of fear, distortion, and dysfunction.  When we’ve lost connection with our true essence, we resort to these default choices.

When we truly know how to do better, we do better.

When we take necessary steps to nurture, restore, and replenish ourselves, the choices we know are in our best interest come easily, even eagerly.

Start here.

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.” (Desiderata)

You are precious.  You are to be cherished.  You are immeasurably valuable.  You are to be nurtured, protected, and loved.

When that truth rises up from your heart and sinks into your bones, you are renewed and restored.   The power of self-love easily flows in self-discipline.

Self Love + Self Care = Renewal + Restoration + Self Discipline = A Life Well Lived = Peace + Joy + Satisfaction

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