How do you want to shape this day?

How do you want to shape this week?

How do you want to shape your life?

One of the most toxic and disempowering places to be in life is to give up hope.  To believe life will not change.  To believe that you cannot change.

Here’s some “quality questions of compassionate curiosity” to encourage and guide you, remembering that today and every day is a new beginning.  Always.

You might not be able to change everything in your world today to make it as you desire, but what you do have the power and opportunity to change is your internal state – how you feel, what you think, how you treat yourself, and how you choose to show up.

How you feel –

How would you like to feel today?  Happy, joyful, peaceful, content, loving?  Focus on something that brings you joy – a cherished relationship, a beautiful sunrise, a sacred space, a lovely pierce of artwork, a piece of music that lifts your spirits.  Notice how – if only for a moment – your feeling changes.  Repeat,  repeat, and repeat again for a sustained positive feeling.  A chain of sustained emotion creates a sustained inner state.

Choose today how you feel.

What you think –

What beliefs or thought patterns energize you?  What dreams or aspirations compel you forward?  What do you know to be true about yourself that restores your faith in yourself to shape your life as you desire?  Remind your mind of those beliefs that strengthen you.

Choose today what you think.

How you treat yourself –

What choices can you make today to best care for yourself?  What words of compassion can you speak to yourself that will soothe your weary distress?  Rest when you need to rest.  Play when you need to play.  Savor moments that bring you deep satisfaction.

Choose today how you will treat yourself.

How you choose to show up –

Just because your neighbor is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to follow in kind (unless you want to, of course).  How do others see you?  Do people like you?  Are you respected?  Do you fall asleep at night with a smile, knowing that you created the best day you could?  Are you proud of your accomplishments?  If you want to be loving, kind, and caring – do it!  Don’t allow those around you to keep you from being the best version of yourself.

Choose today how you will show up.

Here’s some more inspiration as you shape your life today.