Cherish your vision and your dreams. They are the children of your soul, the blueprint of your ultimate achievements.”-Napoleon Hill

We often ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I’ve never heard a child say they wanted to be a drug addict, criminal, or homeless.  Their vision and dreams always hold promise.

We were born with . . .

. . . hope in our hearts.  And even with childhood challenges, we hoped for the future.  We hoped for “happily ever after”.  These dreams were indicators of our soul’s imprint, our purpose, our potential, and our passion.

As a child, I often pretended to be a teacher, a nurse, a secret agent, or a choir director.  Today I teach, heal, uncover truth, and create harmony.  Not a bad result of my vision and dreams.

So if you reflect on your earliest childhood play – what you spontaneously and repeatedly enjoyed – you will discover a vision and a dream foundational to the person you are today.  Allow this vision and dream to move you forward; to inform you of your soul’s blueprint.

Take time to celebrate – to cherish – your vision and your dreams.  Follow the blueprint to your ultimate achievements.