as_life_should_be_499x375This does not mean we are to be passive, compliant, or inactive.  Rather we are to be the opposite – to be engaged, assertive, and active.

Note Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote – “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” says to process, not accept, life as it is.  This is a dynamic, interactive process, not a helpless, stagnant position.

We know how we wish life to be.  We all desire a life free of hardship, cruelty, injustice, and prejudice.  We long to be free of criticism – outside and inside.  We wish for paradise.  We long for happiness and peace.

Yet we live on earth, where life sometimes sucks.  Our task is to deal with our challenges – as they are – not as we wish them to be or think that they should be.

We must re-train our minds to move from an internal position of seeing ourselves as helpless to a position of seeing the resources we have and the resources we need to create the change we want.

We must always first see ourselves as we are.  If we believe we are inadequate, incomplete, flawed, or deficient, we will remain helplessly trapped in frustration.

If, rather we see ourselves as magnificent expressions of love, valued, belonging, ever-growing and expanding, sufficient to meet the challenges of life, creative, and resourceful, we will then step into the challenges of life and process life more effectively and efficiently, as it is.  This allows our conscious and unconscious internal resources to function in unity and clarity – resolving internal conflict – feeling more fluid and relaxed – able to “go with the flow”, rather than helplessly slamming up against the rocks or getting entangled in the thorny branches.  From this peaceful place, we move from a passive position of helpless anxiety to a wise, active, dynamic peaceful state of creative change.

Changing YOUr perception of YOUrself always changes YOUr position in and processing of life.