When you are at a crossroad about your pet’s well-being – whether to continue medical intervention or allow your pet to pass on, it is not an easy decision.

Though your veterinarian can give you information about your pet’s physical condition, only you can best judge the quality of your pet’s daily life.

As you observe indicators such as appetite, response to attention, participation in play or activities, or quality of attachment, you will make a decision about what is in your pet’s best interest.

If your pet is in constant pain, undergoing stressful treatments with minimal effect, unresponsivie to affection or unaware of its surroundings, then it may be best to choose to end your beloved companion’s suffering.

A very wise vet once said to me when I was facing this difficult decision, “Also keep in mind how this is affecting your quality of life.”

Remember the honest and unselifsh choice to release your pet is the final gracious act of love.

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