I have a friend who LOVES cloudy days.  Yes.  She’s been enjoying the unusual amount of cloudy days we’ve been having in Denver.

Personally, I prefer sunny days.    But she taught me to appreciate the value of cloudy days.

Yes, certainly cloudy days are nice to cozy up with a good book, by a fireplace, followed by an afternoon nap. Especially if it rains.

But I’ve come to understand something else. There’s an ever greater value in cloudy days then just relaxing and rejuvenating.

Cloudy days accentuate the bright colors of nature.  Yes, accentuate the contrasting color!  Flowers are more vibrant in color, grass is greener, soil is a richer brown, and water takes on a deeper shade of blue.

And often a rainbow follows.

Cloudy days accentuate and help us define what we really want to experience in our lives. Cloudy days help us focus more clearly.

This is important to understand because the contrasting colors of our lives (i.e., sadness, grieve, depression, anger, disappointment, etc.) accentuate and help us define what we really want to experience in our lives (joy, gratitude, vitality, peace, trust, connection, etc.). They help us clarify what changes need to be made in order to experience the deeper colors of life.

Do not look at the clouds.

So if you’ve been having some cloudy days emotionally, here is my encouragement to you.  Do not look at the clouds.  Rather look out to the horizon and observe what is brighter and more intense.  Focus on the beauty that is made more vivid – a source of genuine gratitude – in contrast to the darker, more negative emotions.

It takes focus to see in this way.  The reward and shift of your inner experience in doing so, however, is well worth creating a more positive inner state.

A gray day provides the best light. Leonardo da Vinci

Don’t forget: beautiful sunsets needs cloudy skies. Paulo Coelho

We have an inner window through which we can see the world, and though it gets cloudy in life, it’s our job to wipe it clean and see things as they really are. Sebastian Koch

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