Several years ago I lost over 50 pounds using hypnosis, healthful eating, and professional support.  I then suffered a double herniated disc in my back.  I recovered without surgery, but it was a slow healing process.  During that time I re-gained part of that weight because of inactivity and returning to poor eating habits.

I recently decided to join Weight Watchers – not because I believe in everything they promote – but because I wanted support as I am now resuming an active lifestyle and restoring my health.

I attended a presentation this morning on the importance of sleep in maintaining healthy weight.  Honestly, I’d never put those together, but it made sense to me.  Let me share some things I learned about the importance of sleep and effective weight loss.

One study states that nearly 70,000 women, followed for 16 years, who slept less than five hours a night, were more likely to put on excess weight or become obese than were women who got at least seven hours of sleep each night.  Studies show that often overweight or obese people sleep less than those with normal weight.  This is interesting because often there is a colleration between excess sleeping and depression (where some who are depressed sleep too much and over eat).

Six strategies were given:

(1)  Schedule a regular, daily bedtime.

(2)  Make your sleeping environment pleasant and orderly.

(3)  Plan and prepare your food and your food intake.

(4)  Exercise regularly.

(5)  Avoid unnecessary naps.

(6)  Manage stress and relax before going to bed.

These are common sense.  It is essential that your mind is quieted in order to sleep well.

May I then suggest that if you’re continue to have difficulty, please check out my hypnotic mp3 – Deeper and Deeper Sleep Now.  The greatest compliment I always receive is, “I never make it through because I’m sound asleep.”  As it should be.

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