I called one of my credit card customer service representatives this morning to make sure a payment had been received and processed.  I was assured everything had processed correctly.  She then asked if I needed any additional assistance, which I did not need.

Then she said something really interesting – “Please give yourself a wonderful weekend.”

I was stopped in my tracks.  Usually people say, “Have a great weekend.”  or “Enjoy your weekend.”  Wow – I thought – this lady knows NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming) and hypnosis, and she probably doesn’t even know that she knows it.  She re-minded me that it was MY responsibility to ACTIVELY give myself a wonderful weekend.  What an empowering thought.  How I experience my weekend depends upon what I give myself this weekend.

So even though I have a huge to do list this weekend, I decided to make it a wonder-full weekend by relaxing, prioritizing, pacing and conserving my energy, spending time with those I love, celebrating my accomplishments, taking time to nurture myself (perhaps a pedicure) and feeling gratitude for the beautiful sunshine (after the pouring rains of last weekend’s flooding).

Yes, I’ve definitely decided to give myself a wonder-full weekend!