There was an explosion and fire caused by a gas leak Friday night in my community, Heather Gardens.  There are about 3600 people who live here.  Six homes were destroyed.  Numerous other homes were damaged by fire, smoke, and debris.  Two people were injured.  One neighbor died.

Shocked and sobered, I considered . . .

. . . this could have happened anywhere in this complex.  This is my community.  This is my home.  These are my neighbors and friends.

Our lives are forever changed by this tragedy.

Life is Fragile

Much like the shooting at the mall that I experienced several months ago, I was reminded how fragile life is; how it can turn on a dime.  A beautiful home can be reduced to smoldering debris.  A life can be snatched away so quickly.

So I ask myself how to live better in this uncertainty.

  • What changes do I need to make?
  • What do I need to do better?
  • Who do I need to reach out to?
  • How do I continue to bring healing and courage to my world?

Life is Precious

We never know when life will change, what will be taken from us, who we will lose.

So I focus on what I need to attend to now.

  • Who needs my encouragement?
  • What difficult tasks have I been avoiding or putting off?
  • What do I truly value?
  • What do I need to let go of?

Life is to Be Cherished

So I ask myself how to best set my priorities.

  • Where do I really want to invest my time?
  • To what do I want to give my energy?
  • What do I change to no longer squander this day?
  • Who needs a kind word from me?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What is my legacy?

For what am I most grateful?