I must confess I’m not much for rollercoasters. Never have been.  Never will be.   I know some people love them.

I was once talked into riding The Manta at Sea World Orlando.  I was told it wasn’t a big deal, wouldn’t last that long, and that it was completely safe.   This rollercoaster’s theme is “dive deep, fly high”.   That should have been my first clue.

After having been suspended in air, dropped (first drop 115 feet), spun, and hung upside down for 2 minutes and 35 seconds, with speeds over 50 mph, I vowed to never get on a roller coaster again.  Not my idea of a fun time.

I confess it wasn’t a thrill ride for me.  After that first plunge, I rode the rest of the way with my eyes closed, focused on breathing deeply, and knowing the ride would end none too soon.  Those around me were laughing and screaming; energized by the adrenaline rush.  I chose the Third Row, thank you very much.

Seemed the best choice at the time.

Life sometimes takes us on a rollercoaster unexpectedly, without our permission.  We may not always be able to choose the ride, but we do choose the seat and . . .

. . . how we show up on the ride.  We can close our eyes and hope it ends soon (Third Row).  Or we can choose to sit in the Front Row, eyes wide open, and trust the journey.

While riding life’s rollercoaster, if we don’t sit on the Front Row, eyes wide open, and trust the journey, we will miss important pieces of information that will help us navigate.

The biggest challenge is trusting the journey, staying engaged, and resisting passivity.  Self awareness is our greatest asset.  The more we are aware of and cultivate our internal resources (like courage, love, faith, humor, and resilience), the less fearful is the ride.

After all, the rollercoaster ride is only 2 minutes and 35 seconds.  There’s so much more in The Park to enjoy.

Begin today to doubt the destructive, fearful lies you’ve been told in the past.  Embrace the truth about who you are and what you have to offer to life.   Relax and claim the Front Row.

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