Several weeks ago I was sitting in a restaurant right before a Rockies game on a lovely summer evening. Behind me was a table with two women and two little girls.  After they had finished their dinner, they all passed by my table. And as they passed by I heard one of the mothers say to her daughter, “Yes, you are absolutely right.  When we all hold hands, we won’t get lost.”

Sometimes we have to separate ourselves from that which is harmful; to say good-bye to that which is no longer serves our highest and best – a relationship, job, location, habit, belief, etc.

Separation is important.  Individuality is important.  Boundaries are important.  Yet separation must be examined to determine what fear or anxiety might be driving the separation.  Not always, but most often, resolution is found in union because we are designed socially for connection.

The wisdom shared between this mother and daughter rings true – when we all hold hands, we won’t get lost.