What is luck? You’ve heard the saying, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Many thanks to Mary Gaul, Business Coach and owner of Success Magnified, for sharing this with me this week! It’s about 12 actions you can take to maximize your chances of “luck”.

  1. Get absolutely clear on what you really, really want in life.
  2. Take a risk.  Make mistakes.  Be will to be wrong.
  3. Cultivate courage.  Stand up and speak.  Follow your talents.  Follow through/
  4. Be bold.  Surprise yourself and do something (wildly) unexpected.
  5. Create excellent habits that set you up for success!
  6. Set boundaries.  Say “no” to energy vampires.
  7. Stay focused.  Don’t get distracted by “shiny things”.
  8. Intuition rocks!  Trust and act on your hunches.
  9. Give a helping hand to others.
  10. No more excuses.  The time is NOW.
  11. Develop character, radiate self-respect, and approve of yourself ALWAYS.
  12. Make plenty of time for ideas through rest, relaxation, and solitude.

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