I have a dear friend, Jody Johnston, who has lived in Mendocino county for decades – it has been her home.  She has been a strong pillar of support in her community.   It is heartbreaking to see the tragedy of these wildfires in California.

Over 4,000 firefighters are deployed to contain these fires and help residents.

“Until full containment, smoke now covers three quarters of California. And there’s another toll for thousands of evacuees.” . . .

These neighbors – our neighbors – are living in a day-to-day existence.

The physical, financial, personal, and emotional toll of this devastation is immeasurable.  The on-going state of loss, grief, and trauma is overwhelming and seems never-ending.

It is crucial to not underestimate the secondary trauma and loss we all feel, even from a distance.  We’ll all been touch in some way by this devastation – personally and collectively.  Daily we see these tragic scenes flash before our eyes, as amazing heroes step up to the dangers.

Please consider how you might provide support and resources to our neighbors.

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