I confess I like to watch QVC and HSN. Several days ago, while schlepping a heavy box up my driveway, the Federal Express lady said, “Oh, so you’re the one that orders all the QVC stuff.”

Hello, my name is Susie, and I order stuff from QVC.

I especially like to watch the shows on make-up. They, well – perform MIRACLES – you know – with all kinds of goos and potions.  If you buy those goos and potions you’re going to transform into a goddess.  And if you don’t . . . well, you’ll just not measure up in the neighborhood.

It is an endless, hypnotic, dribble of relentless, repetitive messages about what the viewer needs and what the viewer will miss out on if s/he doesn’t make the purchase. Sometimes I watch with the mute on.

We are constantly bombarded with images of what is ideal – the ideal body, the ideal relationship, the ideal career, the ideal house, the ideal car . . .   These messages tap into and manipulate us through our deepest fear of inadequacy.

We begin to believe we are deficient, and we begin to look at ourselves and life through that lens of scarcity.   Our thinking and decision making tilts.  Our steps become uncertain.

What would need to change to no longer be vulnerable to the manipulation?

Consider the potential transformation of shifting your thinking to . . .

  • What if I was born perfect in my human experience?
  • What if I knew that I was born whole and connected, rather than flawed and estranged?
  • What if I embraced that I am created from the same essence that created the stars and the moon?
  • What if I am not my fears, wounds, or limitations?
  • What if, at an essential level, I am and have everything I need to live – to love, create, contribute, receive and in-joy?
  • What if I am worthy of creating a quality life – of happiness, relationship, contentment.
  • What if I let go of the beliefs, fears, judgments, trauma, and loss of my heritage and moved forward in my essential goodness?
  • What if I begin to make my choices based upon who I really am, rather than what I believe I need to become?
  • What if I see my Self through the eyes of love?

Here’s what would happen in that shift.  You’d take full responsibility for your life, your choices, and your decisions.  You’d step up without hesitation and claim what is rightfully yours.  You’d reach out and give generously, because you would know there’s enough to go around.  You’d open your heart and your mind to receive from others – to learn and to grow.   You’d experience the unification of love.  You’d know you’re enough.  You’d feel good about your Self.  You’d feel deep satisfaction and appreciation.

And that’s just for starters . . .