Yesterday I was having a conversation with a potential landscaper/gardener.   Obviously he was eager to impress me with his experience, skills, and pricing.  He was a very pleasant man, appearing quite capable, with one annoying habit. . .

. . . He kept interrupting or talking over me.  I’ve seen this happen with professional interviewers.  Oprah is notorious for cutting off or talking over people.

I was wanting to tell him what I needed and what my expectations were for the project.

Though, over all, he was a very professional person, he clearly missed the value of listening.  I told him everything he needed to know to close the deal.

I was telling him about what I needed, what were my expectations, what I didn’t want, and even the criteria of my decision.

Yet he was selling me what he thought I wanted.

So today if you’re wanting to make a sale, close the deal, negotiate a contract, or rally the team, take time to learn by listening.

One additional ace – be sure to reflect back what you hear to make sure you’re on target.