May I be honest, I’m not trying to stroke your . . .

. . . Narcissism.

Rather, I’m challenging you to get real about your essence – your soul, your Self, your True You.  This is the part of you that is an essential expression of love – perfect, flawless, unscathed by loss and fear.  This is the part of you that was born of infinity –  whole, created in the image of God – that part of you that lives beyond the smallness of this life experience, as grand and difficult as this life experience is on earth.

Every time you extend yourself into the world from your Core Self, you cannot express anything other than that which is awesome.

Awesome is more than a Seattle-based band, a song by Veruca Salt, a science fiction action game, or a professional wrestler.

Awesome is any aspect of your Self that is astonishing, attractive, awe-inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, commendable, exalted,  excellent, exquisite, formidable, grand, great, impressive, laudable, magnificent, majestic, moving, praiseworthy, stunning, valuable, wonderful, wondrous, and “zero cool”.

All attributes of the divine.

Need more?

. . . best ever, cat’s meow, cat’s pajamas, choice, cool, copacetic, crackerjack, deserving, dream, fine, good, greatest, keen, meritable, meritorious, out of sight, out of this world, peachy, rare, solid, super, super-duper, worthy.

Wow.  Impressive.  Real.

Now go face your day, doing more of what makes you awesome!