There is a basic, instinctive intelligence, that resides in our unconscious mind; it holds the wisdom we need to live our highest quality of life.  We were born with this wisdom.

So why do we make choices that are the opposite of what we really want?

When our lives are not working well – when we are not happy – it is a result of being disconnected from this basic, instinctive intelligence.

So how did we become disconnected from this intelligence?  The toxicity of life – physically, environmentally, relationally, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – has interfered with this connection.

The prime directive of our unconscious mind is to keep us alive.  Our life experiences – particularly as children – created patterns, beliefs, and powerful emotional triggers – from which we operate throughout our lives.  The toxic experiences – particularely those repetitive or emotionally charged –  disrupted or distorted the connection to this basic, instinctive intelligence.  And as we all know, past experiences become reference points for future decisions.

When we re-connect with this basic, instinctive intelligence, then we no longer have to “white-knuckle” right choices.  The right choices come more easily and effortlessly because our conscious and unconscious are working in unison.  This has powerful implications for addictions, destructive patterns, and stubborn, unproductive habits.

So what is our task?  It is to resolve the unconscious conflicts – to identiy and eliminate the sources of fear in our lives – in order for our energies to move forward more easily, connected to and directed by this inner wisdom.  It is to install new beliefs, emotional experiences, and mental patterns that are now directed by this basic, instinctive intelligence, so as to move forward and creative a life that is healthy and happy.