end_of_the_day_499x445This week I stepped into a restroom and heard singing.  Yes, singing.  It was the cleaning woman singing and humming a light-hearted melody, as she was scrubbing toilets and polishing tile.  She was contentedly absorbed in the tasks at hand.  A few hours later I went into the DMV to update my license plates, and the woman behind the counter barely snorted as I sat down in front of her.  She clearly had no intention of singing.

One woman had a job that none of us enjoy; many would consider beneath them.  One woman had a comfortable desk job with superior pay and benefits.

One woman was happy.  One was not.  Why?  Certainly it had nothing to do with their financial security, work environment, social status, or educational background.  Rather it had everything to do with . . .

. . . Their internal perception of themselves and the world around them.  Certainly external experiences impact us.  That’s why we wisely choose our closest relationships.  We all know people who have squandered amazing opportunities and precious family and friends because deep inside they didn’t believe they deserved to be happy.  Their fear, shame, or guilt kept them from receiving the joy and contentment we all crave.

So ask yourself today –

  • Is what I am saying to myself, about myself, supporting the very best in me?
  • Are the messages I am speaking to myself empathetic, encouraging, patient, and affirming?
  • Am I looking at myself through the filter of love or the filter of fear?
  • Am I focused on and accessing my greatest strengths today?
  • What is the value of my participation in and contributon to my life experience today?
  • Do I dare create happiness for my Self today?