It’s time to stop allowing fear, guilt, shame, or anxiety to cheat you out of the sweetness of life.

Life can be tough some days. Sometimes we make it harder by not allowing ourselves to receive goodness.  We can become numb to the vitality of life; trapped in disappointing or fearful memories; believing the images of the past  that haunt our mind are the visions of the future; listening to the voices of the past that told us we were undeserving and unworthy of happiness, health, and connection, and being afraid to challenge the insanity of those voices.  This is to be trapped in an illusionary nightmare.

It’s time to wake up to the reality that . . .

. . .the universe is designed with your best interest at heart.  The infinite wisdom of the life force compels you forward – always expanding to greater awareness, stretching your mind and your heart beyond the limits of the past fears that held you back.  Wake up, reach to the future.  Put behind you the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that once brought you suffering.  Embrace hope.  Let yourself be empowered.  Put behind your disenchantment.  Be skeptical, and expect the best.

Take time today to re-mind yourself of what you love.  Then settle in, buckle up, and watch what happens when you live the life you love.