Have a great attitude.

Perception forms attitude. Ask often . . .

. . .  “Is there another way to see this?”

Greet everyone with enthusiasm.

Appreciate those you appreciate.  Show that you care. There are some people we don’t appreciate so much in our lives.  It’s okay to be cordial, if that’s the best you can muster.

Explore everything.

Curiosity makes life interesting.  We are born open and curious, with never ending questions.  Avoid pessimism.  Stop to smell the roses.  Stop to see the ladybug.  Look before stepping in the poop.

Loyalty is a virtue.

Avoid throwing others under the bus.

Protect those you love.

Sometimes we are most impatient and cruel to those closest to us.  If you really cherish someone, put aside the sarcasm and belittling.  Protect the love in the love relationship.

Be yourself.

“How much energy have you used against you to deny the energy of what it’s like to truly be you?”  Dr. Dain Heer

Love unconditionally.

Keep it simple.  Set aside judgments.  Stop fussing.  Enjoy.