Last Wednesday afternoon I was attending a monthly board meeting, engrossed in the lively discussion, when someone said, “Look, it’s really raining.”  With a glance now and then, I had been monitoring the clouds outside the window.   But there were no signs of imminent rain.  I kept my focus on the task at hand, not anticipating the rapid change.  Silly me.

As it sometimes does in Colorado, the rain rushed in with a downpour.  I scrambled to find my keys buried in the bottom of my purse, and I dashed to the parking lot.  I had parked at the far end of the parking lot, so that I could get a few extra steps registered on my Fitbit.  (Always like to get those little bursts of exercise when I can.)    Watching for cars, I slushed across the parking lot, while the water covered and filled my dress shoes as more water relentlessly pounded my head.

I got to my convertible, unlatched my trunk, unlatched the protective top cover,  tossed it in the trunk, got the key in the ignition, and watched as the roof of my convertible oh-so-very  s-l-o-w-l-y  and s-m-o-o-t-h-l-y  closed and latched, the windows g-l-i-d-i-n-g closed.  By that time, the inside of the car was drenched; puddles of water on the floor board and the tissue box next to me a glob of mush.  The windows begin to steam up with humidity.  I turned on the windshield wipers and defroster to drive the car to the front of the building.  At that point, I wasn’t concerned about getting extra steps on my Fitbit. When I climbed out of the car, I looked like a drowned puppy.  I returned to the meeting in my sopping wet professional attire; hair flat, and droplets of water artistically making their way down my face and neck;  my eyes red; make-up washed off my face.   Only the waterproof mascara survived.   It was not a pretty sight.

Fortunately the meeting was almost over.

The rain eventually stopped, and I returned to my car, now parked in front of the entrance.  I put the top back down and drove home – wet clothes and wet seat covers.

Then the most remarkable thing happened . . .

As I was crossing the Cherry Creek Dam, to the south, there was one of the most breathtaking rainbows I’ve ever seen, stretching across the sky.  It reminded me to:

  • Show up in the best way I can
  • Anticipate the rain
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Watch for the rainbow