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Susie Hayes, Author, Freed From Stuck

Are you ready for a change? Real change? Lasting change?

Do you believe or want to believe that you deserve a better quality of life?  |  Are you willing to do what is necessary to create and sustain change?  |  Are you willing to let go of what is no longer serving your best interests?  |  Can you imagine your life with less suffering and less struggle?  |  Do you want greater happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose?  |  Do you want the pain to stop?

If you said, “Yes!” to these questions, then contact Susie.

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Whatever your challenges, there is a way through.

You deserve to be successful, healthy and happy. You deserve a life that is fulfilling, satisfying, and purposeful.

Time is precious. Life is precious. You are precious.

Don’t squander this opportunity.


If you’re tired of the suffering and if you’re willing to do the necessary work to create lasting change, then you’re ready to work with Susie.
Susie offers psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, sex therapy, business coaching, and life coaching – to help you discover internal resources you never knew you had, to create what you never knew you could. If you want to feel good about yourself and reach your goals, then you’re ready to work with Susie.

Susie’s commitment to you is to support you in achieving the best quality, most lasting results you want in your personal, professional, and relational life, in the most cost effective, time efficient way. If you are serious about sustained change, then you’re ready to work with Susie.

Susie’s Weekly Inspirations

Don’t Curse Your Inner Turtle!

My encouragement to you is simple. Don't curse your Inner Turtle. Don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  Don’t relinquish what you know will bring you to a higher and better place. In a world that addictively craves quick fixes and short-term gratification, do not be discouraged in your own growing process.  Don’t give up on yourself. If it’s slow, let it be so. Learn the three things to watch [...]

What are the Benefits of Failure?

We’ve all know the pain of failure.  Me too.  Lots of times. Several days ago I was reflecting on how certain decisions took me down certain paths.  I was thinking about how, over the decades, better decisions would have produced better results.  I felt sad.  I felt disappointment.  I grieved.  I committed to learn and do better, as I always do. And as I was feeling this sadness, I [...]

How to Be Your Own Lucky Charm!

What is luck? You've heard the saying, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Many thanks to Mary Gaul, Business Coach and owner of Success Magnified, for sharing this with me this week! It's about 12 actions you can take to maximize your chances of "luck". Get absolutely clear on what you really, really want in life.Take a risk.  Make mistakes.  Be will to be wrong.Cultivate courage.  Stand up and [...]