As you know, I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the word “magic”.  Yet I selected this quote, by Dr. Wayne Dyer, because it speaks to the power we hold in our relationships with each other.

I would replace the word “magic” with . . .

Potential, skills, courage, talent, creativity, resilience, intelligence, perseverance, generosity, curiosity . . .

You get the idea.

“To love a person is to see all of their amazing, incredible, vast, endless, ever expansive internal resources, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

Your soul – your essential self – arrived on this planet with gifts, talents, intelligence, intuition, and skills; with purpose; and with a desire for you to expand, grow, evolve, and transform into all that you can possibly be in this lifetime, by accessing and using these internal resources.

Your destiny on this journey is an open path of choices, initially powerfully influenced by the choices of others.  These choices (made by parents, family, friends, and authority figures) shaped your beliefs, your view of the world, and your view of yourself.

Humans are the most intelligent (not to be confused with wise) beings on earth.  They are also the most vulnerable beings at infancy.

Your mission – as you’ve chosen to accept it – has been to peel away all that is not authentically an expression of your essential self.  This is an on-going process, a creative process; sometimes a painful process.  It has required releasing and grieving; letting go of the illusions of false value and security, in order to embrace what is genuinely precious, real, and light-filled – the truth about who you are, what you want, what you contribute, and how you want the story to end.  Life allows you the opportunity to change your mind, to develop your own beliefs, and to take effective action by your own choices.

We move from a place of dependent vulnerability to a place of sufficient empowerment.  We grow up and take charge of our own lives.  We take full responsibility for our feelings, thoughts, and actions.  And as you well know, we are always growing and growing up.  Maturation moves us to a deeper place of happiness, gratitude, and peace, as we allow all that is not truth-full to fall away.

Sometimes we forget who we really are.  We lose connection with our essence, our “magic”, our divine spark, our internal resources.  We become entangled in fear, self-condemnation, shame, weariness, loneliness, or anxiety.  At those times, we celebrate and appreciate when those who love us remind us of what we’ve forgotten.