At those times when you are feeling trapped, stuck, or caught in life’s circumstances, it is useful to remember that . . .

. . . most butterflies emerge in the morning.

The stage when the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly is the Chrysalis Stage.  During this evolution, the beautiful being that is becoming is held in darkness.  This is a stage that appears dormant, as if nothing is happening.  There is very little movement.  And in the dark dormancy, growth and differentiation occur.  As this metamorphosis happens, the encasing that has protected and camouflaged the caterpillar crumples as it is shed.

The magnificent butterfly emerges.

Though I’m all for happiness, joy, and celebration, I never want to paint a picture that life is supposed to be like that all the time.  If you present that you are always happy, joyful, and celebrating, then you’re either lying or you’re living in a delusional state outside of human reality.

It is in the darkness of life – the losses, disappointments, hurts, injustices, and frustrations – that we have the opportunity to experience the most radical, deep, and profound changes.  It is in the darkness of life that we experience growth and differentiation.  We learn what we’re made of; what’s important to us; and who really stands with us.

Rather than cursing the darkness – the places where you feel stuck right now – consider that there may be opportunities for you to grow in ways not otherwise possible.  Perhaps you can use this time of restricted movement and action for reflection; allowing yourself to learn and mature more fully into who you are meant to be when you emerge.

If I had my way, I’d prefer to avoid those times of darkness.  Yet I’ve come to know that from the darkness, I have gleaned greater love, wisdom, peace, and understanding than I would have otherwise known.

At those times, I remind myself that joy does come in the morning.