amplify_greatnessHow do you speed up the internal change process?  There are two essential ingredients:

(1)  Deal with what you believe about your past.

(2)  See yourself clearly now.

What you believe about your past

Any beliefs about our Self, our relationships, and our world that keep us from optimal health and happiness in the present, find root in past experiences.  We return to the past, to excavate information, for the prime purpose of understanding (in-sight) and to change our present thoughts, perceptions, and actions.  It is not about blaming.  It is about resolution – resolution of internal conflict, pain, and fear.

Identifying and facing fear, pain, loss, guilt, failure, shame, and trauma allows us to put the past in the past; no longer activating powerful emotions and patterns that were once immobilizing and destructive to our well-being.  We then develop new understanding, new perceptions, and new internal patterns to create forward-moving change.

This is what effective psychotherapy does.

How you see yourself now

To bring about effective change in the present, we must move into a place of internal empowerment; no longer held captive by the past.  It’s important to see our Self clearly in the present.  It is essential that we amplify our awareness of what is great – all of the wisdom, insight, strategy, strength, creativity, courage, and resilience – all we have gathered inside – because of our life experience.  This is not narcissism, grandiosity, or self-centeredness.  This is about identifying clearly the internal resources we have to move forward in a more effective way.  When we affirm, deep inside our unconscious mind, the truth of who we really are, we activate the unconscious mind’s potential for healing, resolution and change.

This is what effective hypnosis does.

When psychotherapy and hypnosis are combined, the process moves more deeply and quickly.

Free your Self from the past and speed up your internal change process by no longer focusing on what you believed was limiting.  Do the necessary work with your past, while amplifying what is great inside of you, in the present.  This will keep you moving forward in your change process, leaving behind the limitations of your past.