Is Anticipating Blessing the Same As Magical Thinking?

"Giving thanks for unknown blessings already on their way"??? I must admit when I first read this quote, I felt a rather child-like excitement; something akin to anticipating the arrival of Santa's [...]

Using Mistakes and Failure – Foundational to Success

If you're not making mistakes or failing, then you're living in a lukewarm comfort zone.  It is impossible to be successful, creative, productive, or contributing without error or failure. I've never known [...]

Decision-Making and the Change Process – the Power of Patience

Are the changes you want to make taking too long?  If so, consider this - Cognitive neuroscience considers "patience" to be a decision-making dilemma.  Having the option, research shows that all animals, [...]

How Do You Know You’re Reaching For the Right Goal?

How do you know you're reaching for the right goal? As we are moving toward an especially important goal, we often encounter obstacles.  In fact, the more important the goal, the more [...]

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