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How Do You Know You’re Reaching For the Right Goal?

How do you know you're reaching for the right goal? As we are moving toward an especially important goal, we often encounter obstacles.  In fact, the more important the goal, the more [...]

2014-04-21T14:48:14-06:00February 9th, 2014|Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Success|

Peyton Manning Guide to Leadership and Living Well

There's been a lot of discussion and little disagreement about Peyton Manning's leadership skills.  Raised with solid family values and a passion for athletics, Manning has become one of the most significant [...]

2014-07-03T20:23:50-06:00January 31st, 2014|Business Coaching, Life Coaching|

How to Turn Regret Into Celebration

It is important as we reflect on the choices that we make to do so for only two purposes (1) to celebrate and reinforce the choices that have improved our quality of [...]

Why Do We Choose the Opposite of What We Really Want?

There is a basic, instinctive intelligence, that resides in our unconscious mind; it holds the wisdom we need to live our highest quality of life.  We were born with this wisdom. So [...]

Processing Life As It Is – Not As You Wish It To Be

This does not mean we are to be passive, compliant, or inactive.  Rather we are to be the opposite - to be engaged, assertive, and active. Note Dr. Wayne Dyer's quote - [...]